Creating Financial Freedom and Prosperity

Wheel Exercise

The Ultimate Destiny Wheel Exercise for Successful Living

Few exercises ever created can offer the incredible amount of information that is yielded in the Wheel of Successful Living Exercise. This incredible tool provides the framework to discover your present level of satisfaction in the six most vitally important areas of your life.

Not only does the exercise help you discover these important areas, you will be able to prioritize their importance which allows you to begin focusing on what is the most important thing in your life at this time and what needs to be addressed.

You will explore each of these six areas and set goals that will move you closer to achieving your Ultimate Destiny in each of these specific areas of your life.

Upon completion of the Wheel of Successful Living Exercise, you will also discover the potential synergy that is created when you have developed a balanced action plan. Your motivation and excitement will build as the possibility and inevitability of achieving your goals draws ever closer.

Manifesting Your Ultimate Destiny Exercise.

Step 1: Review the six areas of the Ultimate Destiny Successful Living Wheel™.  Think about what would be the Ultimate for you in each area of successful living.

Wheel Exercise - Creating Financial Freedom and Prosperity

Step 2: Determine which area is most important to you right now and put a #1 by it. Then put a #2 by the second most important and so on for each of the 6 areas. Each area will be identified by numbers 1 through 6 based on their importance to you.

Step 3: Think about how satisfied you are at the present time with where you are with each one of the six areas and rank them on a scale of from 1 low (if you are totally dissatisfied) to a high of 10 (if you are totally satisfied.) Place a mark on each spoke of the wheel above to indicate your level of satisfaction with 1 near the center and 10 at the outer rim. Connect the dots to see if your wheel is balanced.

Would it roll or are there some areas that need work? 

Step 4: Find the Discovery Exercise Sheet for the Area of Life you selected as most important to you personally. Complete the form from left to right by listing what you don’t want in this area in the first column. Then list what you do want in the next column. (Definitions and examples are included on page 6.)

Step 5: Spend a few minutes imagining what your ultimate possibilities might be in this area and write out a description in the next box in the form.

Step 6: Now spend a few minutes imagining what feeling and emotions you will experience when you realize the ultimate possibilities in that area of your life and write that down in the next column.

Step 7: Consider ways you will reinforce and nurture your heart’s desires and write them in the next column.

Step 8: Set 2 to 3 priority goals in the area you are working on and write them on the form.

Step 9: Think about what challenges and obstacles you might have to overcome to realize your dreams and goals in this area and write them down on the worksheet.

Step 10: Think about who you know who could help you as coaches and mentors to help you hold the ultimate vision you are creating. Write their names in the next space on the Discovery Worksheet. (You may also want to take advantage of the available coaching resources that will help you reinforce your visioning and transformational process like those at

Step 11: Now identify the individuals in your life who might be able to help act as your cheerleaders and support team as you progress towards your goals and dreams and write them down.

Step 12: List at least 2 to 3 possible action steps you could take in this area of your life and write them in the space provide for action steps. (As you progress and complete other areas on the Ultimate Destiny Wheel, you will want to review what you have written for each area and consider if there are ways that your progress in any area could be combined with or leverage progress in another area. For example, could you combine a relationship area with a wellness activity by working out together with someone you would like to spend more time with?)

Step 13: List 2 to 3 positive, present tense affirmations you will use to help manifest success in this area as you see, believe and achieve your vision.

Step 14: Now think about what visual images or visualization exercises you might be able to use to help you remember to stay focused on your goals and dreams. This could be photos, drawings, music that reminds you of your dreams, art work, or nature scenes. Visualize the experiences, feelings and emotions you will enjoy as you realize your dreams. Review your visual images and affirmations as often as possible every day and stay focused on manifesting your ultimate destiny!

Step 15: Complete Steps 4 through 14 for each of the areas on the Ultimate Destiny Wheel. Remember to take your time and give the exercises and other areas of the wheel their due. Don’t write to finish, write to discover and enhance who you are!

Step 17: Review what you have discovered through this exercise as often as possible. Take time to envision and enjoy in your mind the realization of your goals and dreams in each area of life. This is an important and invaluable step that keeps you motivated and joyous as you make your way towards your Ultimate Destiny!

Step 18: Meditate and pray every day. Research has proven that prayer and meditation are two of the most powerful and practical ways you can live a happy, fulfilling and successful life. (If you are new to meditation or prayer Treatment, you might want to learn more about the resources provided to members of the Ultimate Destiny Network at:

Step 19: Be grateful for all the rich blessings showered upon you and radiate love, peace, joy and thanksgiving to everyone and every situation. Research through the Institute of Heart Math has shown amazing empirical evidence showing the physiological changes in the body when experiencing emotions of love and appreciation. For more information or invaluable tools in this area go to

Step 20: Become a Charter Member of Ultimate Destiny and receive your choice of any of three featured e-books: Creative Mind by Ernest Holmes, The Science of Getting Rich by Wallace Wattles or God Calling edited by AJ Russell PLUS receive a discount in becoming a Charter Member of the Ultimate Destiny Network.

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